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Rob Levy is an award-winning Real Estate Agent who truly believes in the human-to-human knowledge exchange. Who thought that a Real Estate Agent could actually be a connecting force for community, businesses and technology? Rob’s deep habitual passion for 3D modelling and video-casting stretches far beyond the parameters of real estate.

The Digital Agent brand opportunity transpired the moment Levy realised that there is an abundance of insight and knowledge to share and he did not want to blend into the background. This was a perfect client/designer pairing.


Rob had recently moved to South East Queensland from his very successful eight year placement in Townsville. The challenge we faced was to creatively develop the TDA brand and bring Rob’s identity and vision to market. This guy needs to be seen and not in a quiet way!

Complimentary branding

There were some other considerations throughout the branding phase. One in particular was the understanding of RE/MAX brand-guides and desire to echo the branding familiarity values of industry trust. Core brand elements such as colour palette and typography are intentionally identical, however the styling and design proportions are clean, modern and assertive.

Consistency is king

Building the TDA brand from bottom up allowed us to create a very strong, application adaptable logo suite, website design and supportive collateral. Captivating proposal templates, social media assets perfectly reflect just how important and powerful branding consistency really is.

Creative outcomes

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