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Picture Perfect Renos is a local Brisbane-based renovation business with an explosive amount of drive and motivation. This collaboration was truly an inspiring experience and a great reminder that every business has a story and a passionate visionary.


Within its second generation of management, Picture Perfect Renos was built upon strong family values. This new hand-over also meant that the visual identity of the business was ready to level-up and match the quality of service offering. Through sheer determination and proof of delivery, PPR had already secured collaborative contracts and partnerships within the construction industry and it was now our turn to provide a creative branding solution.

How we did it

The design direction of this project was driven by the use of dynamic colour and strong typography. Themes and key-words such as construction, strength, trust and professionalism where at the forefront while investigating the new brand identity. The unique integrated ‘PPR’ monogram reflects elements of these themes; the letter connectivity directly symbolises strength and construction, while the systematic use of white, red and blue confidently communicates trust, loyalty and passion.

With a full branding suite offering various logo orientations, PPR can now maintain and champion branding consistency across uniforms, vehicle wraps and marketing collateral.

Creative outcomes

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