Odyssey Lash

Boutique lash and brow beauty studio


More often than not, past connections resurface and present new project opportunities. Forging meaningful connections and crafting long-lasting impressions with collaborators is definitely one of our strongest values. The Odyssey Lash rebrand project is the outcome of such instances; we call it the Tondo Effect – where the end of one journey is the beginning of the next.

Kaci Jones, lash beautician and visionary of Odyssey Lash was at a critical point of her business. Through sheer determination, education and passion she established a reputable boutique studio based in Brisbane’s eclectic Stones Corner. Her heart was one hundred percent invested, however her existing brand did not mirror her business vision. Kaci reached out to her community and via the Tondo Effect, was destined to collaborate with us.


The rebrand journey of Odyssey Lash began with a brand review and audit of existing collateral. By asking the right questions we were able to relive the Odyssey journey, thoroughly understand Kaci’s unique design-influences, and reconnect to the business vision.

The Sherlock Holmes investigation

Aesthetically we unpacked, deconstructed and probed the existing logo. What is working? What isn’t working? Are there any valuable threads for evolution? Is the logo scalable and versatile for print and digital use? Are the colours purposeful and enticing to the ideal target audience?

Questions like these are very powerful and quickly reveal the pain-points of an existing brand. Kaci agreed it was time to invest and develop a unique, modernly fresh and timeless brand system for Odyssey Lash.

Creative outcomes

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