Bill's Burgers

Festival-ready double decker gourmet burger bus and food truck


Bill’s Burgers was our first collaborative project with Van Demon’s Vans. As Australia’s leading food truck manufacturer, they seek opportunities, reveal gaps amongst the mobile catering assembly and action quickly! This husband and wife duo conjured-up a unique business vision to appeal to the young, hip, festival-going demographic and we were the creative driver they needed to bring their larger-than-life idea to market.


This project certainly challenged our creative processes. It was almost as though we were writing and illustrating a comic book. However the book was substituted for a truck and then soon after a dine-in double-decker bus. But first, who is Bill and what is his story?

Character roll-playing

The story is centralised around the fictitious character ‘Bill’ and his passion to create ‘un-bill-ievable’ gourmet burgers. Each burger pays tribute to those nearest and dearest to him in a fun and light-hearted way. 

Translating this unique concept into a visual identity was no small feat. However, when you’re able to adopt a character persona and turn off the trend filters, magic can happen.

Creative outcomes

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