Arthouse Northside

Fine art supplies and custom picture framing


It is a truly unique and humbling experience when a project teleports you straight back to the roots of your creative existence; and that is exactly what happened during the rebrand of Arthouse Northside.

Many moons ago (before finding my calling as a graphic designer), I was very much the creative pioneer; etching concepts into paper, rubbing chalky pastels into my fingertips and driving crumbling charcoal deep into the fibres of the paper. Throughout those years as a fine arts student, walking into art supply stores similar to Arthouse Northside (for rag paper and masking fluid) was a regular occurrence.

Arthouse Northside presented a unique opportunity to showcase, champion, and inform that they are in fact artists serving artists. Those combined values of expertise, knowledge, and confidence allowed us to create an impactful visual identity in the formation of an ‘a’ inspired by the fundamentals of art; colour theory and geometry.


The new brand identity undoubtedly had huge shoes to fill in retrospect to Arthouse Northside’s  already well-known reputation. And this okay on every level, as there is nothing we love more than helping established businesses evolve and thrive.

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